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Dear SRNS followers,


An explanation on how SRNS and its beginnings: 

After seeing “Rumi is my homeboy” emblazoned across a t-shirt in Los Angeles, I started to seriously question Rumi’s relevance as a cultural hero today. It’s true, Rumi was an amazing poet—I would never deny that. Most of his fans, however, don’t seem to have actually studied him or his poetry. I doubt many of them even know the name of his collection of poetry. 

So, this blog turned into an outlet for me to express my frustrations with this inane appropriation of Rumi’s poetry for nationalist purposes, especially amongst Iranian-Americans. This whole “we’re the best because Rumi wrote in Persian” sentiment fails to acknowledge or engage Rumi’s poetry on any level. 

The posts made here were meant to show the disparity between our worldview versus Rumi’s. If Rumi couldn’t be expected to have understood our world, how are we so quick to assume his? 

Anyway, that’s that. I’m not going to post any more quotes, because I think I’ve made my point sufficiently clear. Plus, I need to take up my own advice and spend more time reading Rumi instead of satirizing other people who don’t. 

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Wompity womp.


shirts tops tees, i’m always in tight jeans, i know billie jean and the bruce springsteen. i also know falasteen, and mujahedin, playing tekken on the weekend eating mangosteen.

Rumi (via hemaletrouble)

n the original farsi:

buluz, kameez, jelighe               shalvarom tang hamishe

billie jean ra midoone                 bruce springsteenam midoone

falasteenam midoone                 mujadinam midoone

mi-tekken am har jome               hey am mikhoram anbeh

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Let’s elope.


I’m a dad. Happy father’s day to me.


I love Persian rap.



Rumi (in the shower) 

Crying myself to sleep BRB


Let’s go backpacking in Europe. Who’s down?


I’m going to make ‘I love Rumi’ t-shirts, sell them, and get really rich.